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Tan Nguyen
Andrea D.
Missouri City, TX
This is my new favorite. I do not live close, but I was referred by someone who has been in the nail industry for over 20 years. Lynn does an excellent job with my nails. I cannot grow very long, my nails naturally grow up which makes him break very easily. Here, my nails did not break easily, and I can have a little fun with color. They offer many services at an affordable price.
Jyra M.
Henderson, NV
Very clean and thorough. She filed and shaped exaxtly the way I wanted. Lets not forget she got those cuticles. Best nail spa I've been to so far in Houston. A definite recommend. Great overall experience!
Laura R.
Sugar Land, TX
I am soooo picky about who does my nails, and The owner of this salon is the only person I will let touch them. I'm very hard on my nails and I have to get acrylic. Lynn does them SUPER thin and shaped exactly how you want!! They look like my real nails. I'm obsessed.
Megan L.
Houston, TX
nails for the past 2 years and just opened her own shop. She always does a great job and makes sure you are happy with the services!! No complaints at all, 5 stars :)